Online banking

How to sign up

These instructions in the video are viewing the sign up process using a mobile device, see screenshots below for a more in depth step-by-step. The same instructions will work on the desktop app. See below how to access this from our website on your computer.

Mobile App Online Banking Sign Up Video

Download the Mobile App Today!

Click the “more” button at the bottom after opening the mobile app on your phone

“enroll online”,
then “ok”

Enter Account number, last 4 digits of SSN, entire SSN, and your home address number

Click “Terms and Conditions”.
This will make a new window pop up

Go back to the online banking set up window

  • Check the box by “Terms and Conditions”
  • Click “I’m not a Robot”

Enter Login ID 

  • Between 6-50 characters
  • Must include at least one of the special characters _-!@$()=+{}[]\|

Enter Security Code
(must be different than login ID)

  • Between 9-16 characters with at least one upper and lower case letter
  • Must include one number
  • Must include one of these special characters: !#$%^&*

Enter email and  press Enroll

Tap “Click Here” to finish

Login with the ID you just created

Enter “Security Code”/Password

Answer the challenge quesitons,

You must pick 3

Enter a Security Phrase
You will use this every time you login, click ok

Your account info will show up now – set up alerts, which account to view, and more here

Log off this page, go back to the app and login,
then you’re DONE!

Desktop Online Banking Access

1. From any webpage on the website, in the top right corner click “LOGIN”. This will direct you to our online banking platform to get signed up.

2. Once on the new page, select “Enroll” to get your new login information set up.

3. On the enrollment page, you will need to enter:

  • Member Account Number
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Your full Social Security Number (yes, again! It’s just what the vendor requires.)
  • Address Number ONLY (The number at the beginning of you full address.)