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CCU Building a better future for you

At Carpenters Credit Union, our success is built on your success. Together, let's build a future that reflects the hard work, dedication, and craftsmanship of our members. "Our CU is All About You" - because we've got your back every step of the way.

Getting Started as an Apprentice

An apprentice undergoes practical training in a specific trade, working alongside experienced workers known as journeymen. This hands-on learning approach allows apprentices to earn a wage while acquiring skills. Initially, apprentice wages are around 50% of the journeymen rate and gradually rise until reaching the full journeyman scale. The journey to becoming a skilled carpenter typically spans four years. Importantly, the entire training process comes at no cost to the apprentice. 

Costs of Training

Upon admission to the Carpenters Apprenticeship Program, you will be obligated to cover fees, which can amount up to $500 (subject to variation based on the specific craft).

You will be required to get your own tools. A comprehensive list of the necessary tools will be provided upon your acceptance into the Apprenticeship Program which can add up quite a bit.

1. Apply Online & Get Pre-Approved

2. Shop for a Vehicle​

3. Drive Away With Your New Ride

YOU Are Why We Keep Our Rates Low

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Started By the Hardest Working Trades

Carpenters Credit Union was established by carpenters who were having a difficult time receiving loans from traditional banks. These carpenters decided that it would be better to establish a credit union that would loan money to their fellow carpenters. 

Early success of the Credit Union came from knowing the members, working with them day in and day out, while holding them accountable to their financial obligations. Through the years the Credit Union has added more products and services, while still focusing on the initial reason the credit union was founded. Carpenters Credit Union is here to help union members with all their financial needs and goals.